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A little hisrory...

Citadel Chemical is a company that has been specializing for than 44 years in the manufacture of fiberglass related products such as polyester resins, gelcoats, epoxies, polyurethane and a wide range of chemical products. Our authenticity is distinguished by the quality of the products we manufacture, our impeccable and fast service, not to mention our competitive prices. Member of R.I.C.Q, (Quebec Composites Industries Cluster) and NB Composites Cluster Inc. (Composites Development and Innovation Facilitator). 

Our company is constantly evolving and developing to ensure the complete satisfaction of are customers, which is our reason  being. Do not hesitate to call or write, whether you are commercial or residential customer. You will be well served with us, so as to become like thousands of others, a satisfied customer! We serve all of Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario. 

First factory of Produits Chimiques Citadel enr.

The factory started in 1979.

This factory was almost completely devastated in a fire at the end of 1988. Only the brick walls remained almost intact.

The factory devastated by fire.

After the 1988 fire, there was virtually nothing left of the factory.

Beginning of the reconstruction in 1988.

Beginning of the reconstruction of the new factory in 1988. The assembly of the steel structure.


The progress of the reconstruction. The wood structure is advancing.

New factory completely rebuilt in 1988

November 1988, the reconstruction is completed.

February 1993.

Winter 1993, the factory has been working fully for 5 years now.

October 1993.

In October 1993, 5 years after the reconstruction, the new factory was working so much that the Forget family had to expand, from what was to become the current factory.

39 years of loyal service and customers served across Canada and the United States. 

The current factory.

44 years of loyal service! Thank you to all our customers!

The current factory has all been made possible thanks to unparalleled management, representatives, a work team and suppliers, and of course, our customers!

Thank you all ! 

Produits chimiques Citadel team. 

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