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At Citadel Chemicals, we offer a wide variety of resins, where you can vary characteristics such as: viscosity, thixotropy, gel time and total hardness time. We offer more than 600 "home" made colors. It is possible to send us a number coming from color palette of various companies and we will match it! 

  1. Général purpose resin.
  2. General purpose resin of superior quality. 
  3. Isophtalic resin.
  4. Vinylester resin.
  5. Hybrid polyester or vinylester resin.
  6. Laminating resin.
  7. Infusion resin or injection.
  8. Colored resin at the customer's choice. 

Possible modifications: 

  • Air dry.
  • Gel time.
  • Viscosity. 
  • Thixotropy.
  • Neutral or colored. 
  • Cure Time.
  • Low-Styrene

Available formats: 

  • 500 ml. to drum.
( According on the chosen products ) 


We offer a wide range of putty that can be used as a filling paste or glue, depending on the needs of each customer. 

  1. 5204  -Very light, excellent adhesion, creamy, easy to sand.
  2. 5210  -Fibrous, very light, consistent, excellent adhesion, easy to sand. 
  3. 5212  -Moderately light, more consistent, easy to sand. 
  4. 5225  -Very flexible, looks like, petroleum jelly (green).  
  5. 5228  -Very flexible fibrous (gel mat).
  6. 5229  -Very thick, flexible, fast, easy to sand. 
  7. 5232  -Very flexible, fibrous, very consistent (gel mat).
  8. 5240 Very creamy, thixotropic, flexible, fast and easy to sand.
  9. And many other possibilities, call us for more information. 

Available formats: 

  • Liter, gallon, 5 gallons.
( According on the chosen products )