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Information and services

"When a customer expresses a particular need, we take the time to think about their request, develop a recipe, do tests in the laboratory and in the factory, and when the customer is satisfied with the product, we start the production."  

- Remy Forget  Founder Produits chimiques Citadel enr.


We offer a wide range of epoxy products where each one has distinct properties that will suit your type of use. Here are our main products, but know that all our products can be modified on request. 

  1. Thick epoxy adhesive.
  2. Fast epoxy adhesive.
  3. Clear epoxy adhesive.
  4. Laminating resin.
  5. Clear laminating  resin.
  6. Surface coat.
  7. Tooling epoxy gel coat.
  8. Clear casting resin.
  9. Epoxy varnish.
  10. Epoxy paint.

Available formats: 

  •  250 ml to drum. 
( According on the chosen products ) 


We have for you a wide range of first quality products that can meet all your fiberglass requirements for infusion, contact lamination, simultaneous spraying, pultrusion, RTM, light TMR, injection etc. In addition, if you want a product that we do not have, contact us! We will be happy to find it and order it for you. 


 Citadel gel coats are applied to provide the top coat to beautify and protect the covered part. We offer different kinds of gel coats, depending on the desired use. We also manufacture specialized gel coats. 

  1. Regular.
  2. Balcony. 
  3. Firewall.
  4. To mold. 
  5. Vinyl ester.
  6. Sanding.
  7. Clear.

Possible modifications: 

  • Brush or spray
  • Gel time 
  • Air dry.
  • Glossy or matte 
  • Neutral or colored. 

Available formats: 

  • 500 ml. to drum.
( According on the chosen products )