Epoxy is now suitable for all media including concrete, stone, wood, metal, it is used for all types of fiber etc. It is used both indoors and outdoors.

 Epoxy was best known for industrial floor coverings, but its applications are now much more extensive and have developed particularly in the field of individuals. 

Epoxy is commonly used in taxidermy as glue. It is also used as a finish and protection for tabletops. Which gives them an incomparable finish.

More and more used in the manufacture of durable jewelry, pretty and personalized. Here are some good examples. Create by a Quebec artist Sylvie Desaulniers (BoisVie) with our products. 

You can easily find Sylvie on Facebook by typing BoisVie in the search. 

The benefits of epoxy paint are so numerous, as this paint is resistant. It has excellent hiding power, offers good waterproofness and allows an incredible aesthetic rendering, whether glossy or textured. 

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Below are pictures of several boats built entirely with our products. 

PS: If you have made a project with our products and you want to share your creation, please send us photos with description of photos and products used and it will be a pleasure to add you as an example on our site.